Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Boys & Girls Clubs of Weber-Davis Fights Back Against Gang Violence

Val Stratford is an insurance industry professional with more than 25 years of experience in the business. He serves as president of his own company, the Stratford Insurance Group, with offices in Layton, Utah. Val Stratford has a long track record of service and volunteer work in his community. He was a board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Weber-Davis in Ogden, Utah, for several years, just one of many similar commitments.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Weber-Davis offers children a safe place to play, socialize, and do homework. At the Boys & Girls Clubs, students can choose from a variety of enriching activities, helping them grow into successful young men and women.

The Weber-Davis organization partners with local agencies to offer its delinquency and gang prevention and intervention initiative. This specialized program provides resources for children who are at high risk for gang involvement. It targets young students who may already be involved with juvenile delinquency or dangerous street gangs and helps them to make better choices.

The initiative aims to provide safe and appealing alternatives to gang involvement through the Boys & Girls Clubs. It also seeks to educate children about violence prevention and the impact violence has on other people.